The 30 Day Wedding Countdown

Newly engaged couples take an average of 11 months to plan their wedding day. During the planning stage, you will have a chance to test out cakes and food, pick out vendors and venues, design invitations, and more. The entire process can be quite overwhelming, so it is important to plan it out in steps to make it an enjoyable time. I suggest beginning the planning approximately one year out, so you can make sure that you are picking out all of the vendors you truly want without feeling rushed.

Once you get to the 30-day countdown, it is time to make sure you have all of the final details coordinated and handed off to the correct people. This is critical, as it will make your wedding day much less stressful when you have done things in phases. 30-day countdown items include picking up your wedding dress and bands, sending last minute details to your vendors, getting a final headcount and more.

If you want a simple guide for the month before your wedding, download my FREE 30-Day Countdown Checklist to help during your final days of planning. You can find it below!

As always- if you have questions, want planning advice or need a coordinator, feel free to email me any time at!

Happy planning, Leah Royall

One Month Checklist
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