Christmas Around the World

2020 was a year of hardships for almost every person. Whether it was losing a loved one, feeling lonely from the pandemic, or suffering from sickness or COVID, it was a tough year for a lot of people. Rob and I made a decision that we would end the year doing our favorite thing- traveling!

We got married on the 2nd day of our trip to Key West and then enjoyed a 7 day "minimoon" in the Keys and Disney World. We love to travel because we can see new places together, but we also love travel for the food and drinks that are so unique. Therefore, we knew exactly what to do on Christmas day- eat and drink around the world... in Epcot that is!

It was so much fun. There were no lines for the rides, food or drinks, and I was really impressed with all of the protocols in place in attempts to keep Disney open during the pandemic. Below you will see some of the highlights and tips from our trip around the world.

Gluten allergy friends- All of the drinks you see pictured were gluten free!! The scallops were made gluten free without the topping, and the salmon latkes were NOT gluten free.

We started our tour "around the world' with a picture in front of Epcot's Christmas tree.

1st stop:

Yukon Holiday Kitchen (Canada)

Seared Scallops with Parsnip Silk, Apple Chutney, and Hazelnut Croquant (GF without the topping) Frozen Coffee with Tap 357 Whisky

2nd Stop:

Hot Toddy and Drambui served with a Cinnamon Stick

My husband said it was a great warm morning cocktail (since it was 45 degrees when we went),

but it was very sweet!

3rd Stop:


Champagnes de France Trio

The champagnes were delicious when we drank them in the order recommended to us by the bartender: Chandon, Chandon Rose, Veuve Clique.

4th Stop:


Limoncello Spritzer

This drink was made of champagne, grenadine and limoncello. I was unsure how it would taste, but it was the perfect combination of sweet and dry!

5th Stop:

L'Chaim! Holiday Kitchen

Smoked Salmon Potato Latke

Rob had only positive things to say about this latke, as it is a tradition for him

to have these during the holidays.

6th Stop:

Regal Eagle

Tito's Mule and Frozen Mojito

This stop is very close to the stage where performances take place. I highly recommend grabbing a drink and listening to a holiday performance.

Final Stop:


La Cava del Tequila

Dragones Top Shelf Margarita

*Tip: I always recommend starting with Canada and going through all of the countries until you end at Mexico, if you want to drink around the world. The margaritas in Mexico are delicious, but they are STRONG and larger than the other cocktails. Therefore, it's a hard country to start with. They even have flights of tequila if you are really feeling brave when you visit.

This is just a glimpse of the drinks and snacks we tried and enjoyed! There are so many other great choices, and I didn't even think to get pictures of our lunch in Teppan Edo - which has amazing food and a table side chef! Please feel free to comment with other drinks and food to try during the holidays in Epcot, and I will be sure to add them to my list for the next trip.


Leah Royall

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